Monday, April 14, 2008

The Red Chair...continues

This week looks like it will mark a milestone for me as I am about to reach 50 participants for my Red Chair project. There is a previous blog post about it but in short I can say that it is about how materialistic our society has gotten. Our society values what you have more then who you are. Because of this I want to show that beneath it all, beneath what we have bought, we are all the same. The Red Chair acts like a common ground where my participants pose nude in front of my camera. We sit and talk all the while I am taking photographs. From this session I pick one image that I feel that represents you.
I am now at the half way point and really am looking for 50 more people, normal everyday people, to sit in my chair. You will compensated with an 8x10 copy of the image I choose and also have the satisfaction of being apart of something that may make people take notice that no matter what we have we are all the same and all part of the human race.

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