Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Little About Me

Well, I figured since I am writing this blog it might be nice for those of you reading it to know a little more about me, so here it is:

Artist’s Statement:
I have been shooting the nude figure since the first time I picked up a camera for an Introduction to Photography class in college. To me, the nude represents the complexity of what it is to be human – from the most flawed to the most beautiful. Recently, my work has evolved from mere explorations of the human form to attempts to connect with the subject more intimately to reveal the variety of the human condition, from joy to despair, from sensual to erotic.

Artist’s Biography:
Michael Barone has been a working artist since his teens. His medium changed to photography at the University of Delaware, where he was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in 1984. He works from his Bucks County studio and his work has been shown in galleries throughout the northeast.

Recently Barone’s work has been featured on the website for the National Coalition against Censorship, which commented, “…Barone's nudes are documents of great relevance. What is obscene? What is sexual? What is repression? These are issues Barone addresses through his skillful silver halides pieces that from darkness and light unveil flesh, sexuality, inhibition and conflict.”


17th Annual "On the Mall" Art Show Egg Harbor Township, NJ Purchase Award

22nd Annual National Indian Summer Art Show Art Show Atlantic City, NJ - First Prize, Photography

26th Annual Atlantic City on the Boardwalk National Professional Fine Arts Show - Juried Show
Ocean City Art Center Ocean City, NJ - Juried Show

Fetishes Boutique Philadelphia, PA - Solo Exhibition

Grendel’s Den, University City, Philadelphia, PA - Solo Exhibition

Halcyon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA - 2 person exhibition
Coalition for Sexual Freedom Art Auction, Boston, MA
Midlantic Gallery Arts Consortium, Perkasie, PA - Solo Exhibition "Parental Advisory"
DaVinci Art Alliance Philadelphia, PA - Solo Exhibition "Parental Advisory"

Philadelphia Center for the Photographic Image Philadelphia, PA - Juried Show
Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia, PA - Jured Exhibition "City Paper Photo '06"

Katie Stauffer Memorial Art Center Richlandtown, PA - First prize, photography
Side Tracks Gallery, New Hope, PA - Group Exhibition "Naked in New Hope"

Greenshire Arts Consortium, Quakertown, PA - Group Exhibition "Heart of Peace" Opens May 2nd

So there is me, the artist, in a nutshell!

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