Monday, August 17, 2009

Successful Exhibition Opening

The debut of Censor This!, seems to have been a success. The opening reception saw over 170 patrons viewing the images and no one ran out screaming! I do kid, but I was concerned that this body of work might be too much for the average gallery patron. It was played up as an erotic exhibition. It received some wonderful press that also eluded to it's content, and the gallery owner played it up beautifully before the patrons walked trough the door as they were greeted by a waiver to sign by a topless Chippendale style doorman. So if they didn't know what they were walking into before, they sure did them.
For those of you who have read the many postings I have written about for this show often. I was a bit apprehensive on it's acceptance. I am now more relaxed now that the show has opened and with the comments I overheard and those said to me directly. People were extremely gracious and accepting of the work and for the most part, got it. Comments ranged form applauding me for being brave enough to show erotic art in Harrisburg, to the photographer must be a gay gentleman because his male models are too attractive!

This show was a success but might not have ever come to light if it wasn't for my family and friends who have supported me in my artistic ventures.

I have to thank a few people who without their help this wouldn't have happened. First of my wife, whose love, support, patients, understanding and a steady brush helped me not only create this body of work but also helped me paint our latex clad hostesses.
I'd also have to thank Jason and the entire staff at the ArtHouse Lounge for putting on a first rate event complete with it's own soundtrack.
I can't forget our lovely hostesses, Lucy and Chast and our handsome doorman, Robert.
I also need to thank a very good friend, Charles, who helped me frame my images and also took the photographs posted on my Facebook profile of the opening reception.
And finally all my friends who wished me well and some of those who actually trekked to Harrisburg to be there, including my wonderful daughter and her boyfriend. I really hope he wasn't too shocked!

The exhibition is on display through August 29th and if you can make to the ArtHouse Lounge in Harrisburg, I would love to know your thoughts on the show.

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