Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working for the man

First off, let me apologize to anyone who reads my blog about my long absence.  Since my exhibition last fall things got a bit quiet and not many pieces of artwork have been selling. So what is an artist to do? Sell himself out for a pay check and benefits!

Yes, that is right, I am now a full time, in-house photographer for a catalog company. I should items for the company website and monthly catalog. The work keeps me busy and shooting but not artistically fulfilled.

I am looking forward to finally getting in a groove at work so I can shoot on the weekends and create more images that I hope will entice, inspire and make the view think.

It is interesting how things have changed since I have actually been in the corporate world.
  • Business Casual has nothing to do with business attire.
  • People don't ask questions face to face, it's all by email. Even if the sender is sitting right behind you and you can hear them type the email
  • The massive amounts of approvals just to get a $25 cord ordered
  • Yards and Yards of red tape
  • Cubical workers all with their individual iPods
  • 40 hour work week, yea if I only work till Thursday!
At least I get to hide in a photo studio for most of the day.

Besides that and the age gap with me and the rest of the creative team, I like the company and don't mind the work. It's the creative stifling that I am still trying to find an outlet for.

Any suggestions?

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