Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ongoing censorship struggle

Monday, I was going through a my website looking up some information to make sure what I was about to tell a client was correct as written on the site, when I discovered my site was not accessible.

It seemed the company with who I had designed and hosted te site through decided to shut me down. After three days of emails I found out that I was shut down due to "adult" content.
I was told, "Weebly doesn't allow adult sites on our network. So your sites were taken down and your account turned off. This isn't a "moral" issue for us, we simply have the same policy regarding adult content as a social network like Facebook."
Not a moral issue; what kind of an issue is it then?

They came back to me and apologized for taking it down so abruptly and even refunded fees I had paid but that still doesn't explain why artwork that deals with the nude is immediately considered "adult."

My frustrations on this subject keep growing as I am running out of options to post my artwork. The hosting companies that allow adult oriented content are where the more pornographic sites are hosted and becasue they are a niche the costs are totally out of my league.

There is a need on the internet for web hosting for the arts. One that will not censor the artist's work, one who will provide a decent site at a reasonable rate.

I even tried posting my images that are for sale on an art website who showed a few oil painted nudes, but when I approached them the reply was that we do not sell "that" kind of work.

I didn't even present them with the images from my most recent exhibition. These were images of a more suggestive and classic nature.

So the saga continues. If anyone out there knows of a reasonable hosting company who can see the art from the porn, let me know!


Shannon said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you. I lurk but I really love your work. I've been using 1and1 webhosting for a long time and have never had any content problems. Even when I was booted from google crap and had other "anonymous" complaints. I haven't read the TOS super closely in a while but I enjoy this host. Easy tools, the customer service is good. I've only had a tiny bit of downtime in about 6 years.

Michael Barone said...

Thank you Shannon