Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

As many of you know there are two things that I will constantly fight for and talk about, censorship and sexual freedom. I have done some things for these rights but really not much, until now.

Recently I have joined the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom as a coalition partner. They are a not for profit group who fights for equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternate relationships.

From their website:
The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom was founded in 1997 to protect freedom of sexual expression among consenting adults. NCSF works through media advocacy, outreach, legal initiatives and educational efforts through our Educational Outreach Project to promote understanding of the SM, swing and polyamory communities.

There are lots of great projects NCSF is working on:

1. NCSF filed a lawsuit against the Federal government to overturn the obscenity provisions of the Communications Decency Act. NCSF is working to be sure that educational and personal SM-Leather-Fetish, swing and poly websites don’t get closed down.

2. NCSF helps people when they've lost their job or child custody because of sexual expression. Thousands of people have called NCSF for help because of discrimination or persecution.

3. NCSF educates the media when events and groups are attacked by religious political extremists, supporting SM, fetish, swing and poly practices so that our community spaces are safe.

This is a group who is speaking up for people whose lifestyle may not be "main stream" but in no way should be discriminated against.
As a photographic artist whose primary subject is fetish and fantasy, I see that this group can only help the acceptance of my work. I feel it is my duty to put my money where my mouth is and stand up and support the cause, and you should too.

NCSF has lots of helpful information on the

Go there and see all the work they are doing with media outreach, incident response, and proactive initiatives on sexual issues.

I will be promoting NCSF on my own website, at appearances and also at my next exhibition on August 14th at the Art House Lounge in Harrisburg, PA

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