Monday, March 9, 2009

Photographer & the Model

There are many things that effect the outcome of a solid art photograph but nothing more directly than the model. Whether it's an artistic image where I am trying to portray a specific feeling, or a commercial image where the model becomes the "face" of the product, the model can really make or break the shoot. A good model is one who trusts the photographer's eye but can also bring some life to the photographer's vision. This might sound like a DUH moment, but the model is so much more important than a lot of photographers want to admit. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with hundred's of models from amateur to professional and have really only had a hand full totally not be in sync with my vision. On the other hand, the correct model has been able to transform the scribbles in my sketch book and add life and emotion to them.
There are times,especially when dealing with new model's that a shoot never occurs because well they just don't show up. That is kind of the reason I am writing my blog today. A shoot was schedule for a commercial client and the models got back to us at the last minute saying they couldn't make it. So not only do I have an upset client, but I am out money and time that I can't get back. I really wish that more of these "new" faces really take this seriously and realize what is at stake. being a professional photographer, I rely on serious professional model's to help my ideas take flight.
Anyone interested in modeling? drop me a line, I am ALWAYS looking for new people.

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