Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Radio Interview, this Friday February, 27th

One of my participants for my Red Chair project was a woman who opened "Feminique Boutique", an upscale destination for sexuality and romance enhancing products and services in West Chester, PA. She is also the host of a weekly radio program, "Sex and Sensibility with Jill McDevitt" on WCHE 1520 am radio. Ms. McDevitt has been brave enough to ask me to be a guest on her program this Friday afternoon, September 27th. The topic she has chosen is "Naked photography, Art or Porn".
From her website:
Sex and Sensibility with Jill McDevitt is a the venue for intelligent
conversation about all things sex, with a variety of interesting guests
from polyamorists to sex therapists, prostitutes to gynecologists.

Hostess Jill McDevitt is a local sexologist and owner of Feminique
Boutique, a female-oriented sex shop in West Chester, PA. She has a B.A. in
Sexuality, Marriage, and Family and is now earning an M.Ed in Human

So this should be an interesting interview, taking the photographer who has been photographing the nude for 25 years and who has been called a pornographer by the Perkasie Borough council, and asking him his thoughts on the subject.
Now anyone who knows me knows that I will get out my soapbox and will go on for hours about art, pornography and censorship. The program is only 30 minutes long and they are accepting callers so I need to keep my comments brief. Easier said than done. If you are interesting to hear me try not to make a fool out of myself, please tune into WCHE Their website has a live feed and it should be interesting. This is your chance to call in and ask me any questions about my art or the political ramifications of art and pornography that you want answered. Well at least to hear my side of the story anyway.

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