Thursday, May 29, 2008

The narrow minded people of West Chester

Recently, a wonderful woman who has sat for my Red Chair project opened a boutique that caters to women and couples with products and education targeted at enhancing their sexuality. This is something that is desperately needed, most women and couples do not like to shop in the seedy "adult" stores, where the products are shabby and the atmosphere is basically creepy. Jill has opened a boutique that is tasteful, educational and welcoming to those who want to explore, enhance and reinvigorate their sexual beings. But now the city of West Chester, Pa wants her closed. Below is a new report:
NBC10:Sex Shop For Women Causes Chester County Controversy

WEST CHESTER, Pa. -- A quiet Chester County community has become riddled with controversy. The issue is a sex shop some say must go.
"Sexuality is something that is natural. I'm not exploiting it like everyone else," business owner Jill McDevitt said.
The 22-year-old said she thought West Chester would be the perfect place for her new store. The downtown is trendy and packed with young students.
Feminque Boutique, which has been open for three weeks, is an adult store catering to women, selling lingerie, lotions and adult novelties. Those are in a back room.
But she said not everyone has welcomed the store...."I think anytime you take something like that -- something involving human sexuality and pervert it -- that's wrong," the Rev. Edward Deliman said.
The monsignor of St. Agnes Church said he has written letters to the borough, spoken about the store at Sunday service and has been encouraging other parishes to protest the shop at Tuesday night's planning and zoning meeting.

Now the Monsignor of St. Agnes of course is calling sexuality perverted, but what about the hundreds of young alter boys whom the Catholic Church scared? Oh I am sorry that's another topic. And besides, the Pope said they were sorry.

Anyway, Jill has a wonderful concept that should be embraced with open arms. The town of West Chester's zoning committee should do the right thing and stand by her.
Please let Jill know you support her, her website is


roger said...

you are right, these people are narrow minded! If somebody opens an adult novelties store, don't treat it like a sickness, treat like any normal store.

Anonymous said...

Why is it 'narrow-minded' not to want someone else's sex shoved down one's throat while walking down the street? Sexuality is healthy, of course, but it shouldn't be pushed on society in all forms that anyone wants it, just in the name of 'freedom' (i.e., license...'freedom' still considers OTHERS' freedoms). It is easy to name-call in order to get people on your side, but this immature view of sex needs to stop. Do what you've gotta do, but please don't force it on me.

Anonymous said...

...and yes, I am anonymous because I don't want retaliation for exercising MY freedom of speech.