Monday, February 25, 2008

First Rambling

Hello all,
Well I am finally entering into the 21st century with this Blog. Someone told me you have to have a blog, so ok I'll try it. Here I'll put information about my studio, art shoots, upcoming gallery exhibitions and other BS that hopefully you'll want to read.
If you want to write me with questions or comments, please do.
I am a serious artist who medium is photography. People say well your a photographer and I always say no I am a photographic artist. The term photography gets lumped into that category with the paparazzi and the weekend warriors with new digital cameras. I have been shooting for almost 25 years, hold a BFA degree in photography and soon working towards my Masters.
So, yes there is a difference in a photographic artist and a photographer.
Well that's all for now, here's hoping someone actually reads this.

All the best,


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